The Green Mobilities Challenge #2

From 23 of march to 29 of april of 2023  UNITA

The UNITA Alliance cares about sustainable mobilities in everyday life! Do you want to make a difference in future sustainable mobilities and work alongside with students from Romania, Spain, Italy, France and Portugal?


From March 23rd to March 30th, the UNITA Alliance organizes a 100% online ideathon to collect problematics and solutions proposed by international teams of students for future mobilities: the Green Mobilities Ideathon

Any Student of UNITA alliance can participate in a team of 2 to 5 members!

Join your international or local team in a virtual room whenever you are available. Organize your teamwork to produce a problematic and a document to present your green mobility solution by March 30th

Registration deadline: March 20th at midday at this link 


  • The launching ceremony will be organized online on March 23rd 2023, 05:00 p.m CET with all the teams !
  • Optional workshops will be organized online during the ideathon between 12pm CET and 1pm CET and 5pm to 6pm (planning will be online soon)
  • Ending session on March 30th at 5p.m CET

Deliverables: One problematic / solution presented in a 2 to 3 pages PDF document.

Optional: You can also choose to deposit other documents

Prizes: UNITA goodies and bonus points for your participation in hackathon!

For more information write to 


Following the ideathon, you will have the chance to participate to the Green Mobilities Hackathon.

During the hackathon, student will work on one of the best problematics that will have come out of the ideathon from April 28th to 29th 2023.

Any Student of UNITA alliance can participate in a team of 2 or 5 members!

Where: This second part of the challenge will be organized in each university of the UNITA Alliance and online.

Registration deadline: April 25th at midday the link will be communicated soon.


  • The launching ceremony will be organized online on April 28th at 5pm CET
  • The mid-session will be organized on April 28th at 9pm
  • Ending session on April 29th at 11a.m CET

Deliverable: Develop a prototype (model, website, diagram, etc) to make the solution as concrete as possible.


The prizes for the hackathon:

  • 1st team: 200€ / member
  • 2nd team: 150€/member
  • 3rd team: 100€/member


With UNITA you can #ClimbYourFuture and be part of the European university with your ideas!

For more information write to 


TOPICS for Green Mobilities (maybe create a flyer?)

Daily mobility: innovations for displacements that are part of normal or daily activities, regardless of the means of transport used, and the purpose of the displacements

Active mobility / ecomobility: innovations for displacements that rely only on human physical activity as a source of energy

Shared mobility: innovations to share means of transport normally used by a single person or family

Inclusive mobility: innovations to make displacements accessible to all and reduce inequalities in mobility for people with visible or invisible disabilities

Leisure mobility: innovations for displacements motivated by a leisure activity or mobility linked to the practice of a sport (requiring the use of a polluting mean of transport)

Avoided mobilities : innovations to reduce displacements, or even to make the mobility unnecessary

Distant future mobilities : technological innovations, cutting edge transportation concepts and materials

Green mobility in literature, cinema and graphic art : imaginary / reality on transportation concepts and creativity on communication tools

Other topics of your choice

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