As part of its mission and scope, UNITA promotes new forms of student mobility, including Virtual and Rural Mobility.

Virtual Mobility

Virtual mobilities allows UNITA students to follow an online class of another university, staying in their home institution and receiving ECTS at the end of the class.

In this catalogue you can find language courses such as Italian, Spanish, Romanian and French and thematic courses.

Here is the catalogue !

Virtual mobility is free and open to all the student enrolled in the UNITA Universities.

To apply, please consult the Web page of your home institution and follow the application process:


Rural Mobility

Results of the UNITA Rural Mobility Call for Proposals

After the meeting of the URM working group and the respective selection commissions, you will find below the links with the admitted and excluded students in each destination.

The link where our URM results at UBI will be published is:

The list of selected students and the waiting list of UNIZAR is available at

For UPPA region : They will be published soon on this links
For USMB region: Waiting for the local partner selection of candidates (Results will be soon and candidates will be contacted directly).

The link to the Rural Mobility webpage for UniTO is:
The direct link to the Ranking list is: 

The preliminary results to the URM call launched by UVT in 2023 are published on our website:


Call for application to UNITA Rural mobility internship programme open 7 to 31 March 2023


The UNITA Rural Mobility call offers internship opportunities to be carried out in institutions, companies and municipalities of rural communities in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Romania from May to October 2023. The program aims to create new synergies in education, research and entrepreneurship and to produce a net-positive impact on rural and mountainous areas across Europe.

The new calls UNITA Rural Mobility 2023 are now available. Visit the Links to the calls and particularities of each university:

Application form

Online briefing: 20 March 2023 at 14h (CET)




UNITO 2023

UVT 2023

UNITO 2022


UVT 2022

UBI 2022

UNITO 2021

UVT 2021


Blended Intensive Programmes

Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP) allow HEI students and university staff to carry out an internationalization experience that combines short-term physical mobility abroad (from 5 to 30 days) with a compulsory virtual component facilitating a collaborative online learning exchange and teamwork.

The UNITA Erasmus BIPs aim at bringing together groups of students and/or staff from at least three higher education institutions belonging to the UNITA - Universitas Montium alliance.

The programmes may include challenge based learning where international and multidisciplinary teams work together to tackle challenges for example those linked to the sustainable development goals or other societal challenges identified by regions, cities or companies.

By enabling new and more flexible mobility formats that combine physical mobility with a virtual part, BIPs aim at reaching all types of students from all backgrounds, study fields and cycles. 

The key figures for BIPs:

- A program combining online learning activities and physical mobility lasting from 5 to 30 days
- Innovative teaching and learning
- Minimum of 15 international participants
- Minimum of 3 institutions from 3 different countries (E+ program countries)
- Minimum 3 ECTS credits awarded

Recognition of ECTS will follow the Erasmus+ scheme (Learning agreement before and after the mobility) according to local processes in the participating Universities.

How to apply

To check the open positions for BIP and apply, please consult the Web page of your home institution and follow the application process:


The past BIP experiences in UNITA (2020-2023)

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