The Risks of Platform Society: Inequality, Discrimination, Manipulation

From 08 to 09 of may of 2023  UNITA

The current economic and social landscape is characterized by the pervasive presence of digital platforms in almost all domains of our everyday life. In recent years, a growing body of research raised concerns about platforms’ ability to reproduce inequalities along the traditional divides of social class, gender, ethnicity on one side, and focused on the emergence of brand new risks associated with digital interactions (e.g. hate speech, surveillance…) on the other. By integrating different disciplinary perspectives, the project "The risks of platform society" aims to address the societal, political and environmental impact of the platform society along the following three lines: ethics and environment; education and journalism; vulnerable groups. The first workshop of the project will be held in Turin on May 8 and 9 and will gather participants to the research network in order to share their research and advance in the knowledge of these topics.

L'evento è in presenza nell'aula indicata (3d233 - campus Einaudi) e anche online nella seguente stanza webex:

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