Governance Board Meeting

07 of july of 2021  UNITA

7 July - 09.30-12.30 (CET)


• UNITA Alliance expansion - Prof. Stefano GEUNA - UNITO Rector
• Sustainability of the UNITA Alliance - Prof. Stefano GEUNA - UNITO Rector
• Benchmarking on Legal Entity (WP8) - Prof. Stefano GEUNA - UNITO Rector / Prof.ssa Barbara GAGLIARDI - UNITO

Coffee break (10 minutes)

• R&I HUBS FM - Prof. Laurent BORDES – UPPA Rector
• Update on UNITA Progress: results and obstacles and next steps - WP Leaders
• Update on joint applications in progress - Prof. Marcella COSTA - UNITO
• UniTo host institution for Winter World University Sport Games (Universiade) 2025 - Prof. Stefano GEUNA - UNITO Rector

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