1st meeting of the Governance Board for the RECIPES project: progress on tools for the internationalization of training programs

UNITA   01 of july of 2024

Transilvania University of Brașov was the host for UNITA WEEK, a significant event running from June 17-21, 2024. The gathering brought together participants from partner universities within the UNITA – Universitas Montium European Alliance of Universities, to discuss and collaborate on key issues pertinent to the alliance's goals.

During this event, several critical topics were addressed, including the development of the UNITA community, the creation of personalized, multilingual, and international study programs for students, the enhancement of the digital campus, and the optimization of research infrastructure. Other focal points included promoting international mobility for students and faculty, stimulating innovation, and contributing to the development of local and regional communities.

On June 20, Transilvania University of Brașov also hosted the 1st Governance Board of the project UNITA RECIPES for INTERNATIONALISATION, in the presence of the Vice-rectors of the full and associated partners of the project, as well as of the scientific leaders and managers of the project, who joined the event online.

Laurence Vignollet, the representative of USMB in the Governance Board of Unita Recipes for Internationalisation presented the main objective of the project as well as the progress on each work package. She also addressed the "UNITApedia" tool, a specialized wiki for the alliance, on which UNITA is also working now and which will include the future handbook of RECIPES delivered through the project, accessible online. This handbook aims to be responsive and user-friendly, integrating a powerful research engine to aid users. The methodology for developing these tools, including a self-assessment tool and the collection of requirements from partner universities, was also a topic of discussion. The alliance plans to make these tools available in multiple languages, including all UNITA languages and English. A crucial part of this development involves discussing user experience (UX) design methodologies to capture requirements and needs effectively. Further discussions will be scheduled to consult colleagues on the tools currently used in education for this purpose. To ensure the successful integration and compatibility of these tools with UNITApedia, there will also be meetings with other partners to discuss recommendations for future technologies. They will also explore the creation of additional handbooks, for future issues or needs.

UNITA WEEK 2024 was a landmark event for the UNITA – Universitas Montium Alliance, fostering collaboration, innovation, and community development among its member universities.

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