UNITA meets high school and schoolchildren

UNITA   06 of july of 2023

During the month of May, the UNITA team went to meet two classes of high school students to discuss European citizenship from the perspective of sustainable development.


The participants discussed the Sustainable Development Goals in groups, and came up with numerous proposals for action on environmental issues, mobility, consumption and production. They took it in turns to present their ideas to the other students.

On Thursday May 25, as part of the Junior Academy, schoolchildren were introduced to the European Union by playing a Trivial Pursuit quiz on Europe, the European Union, the Eurozone and more. They then discovered some of the techniques of intercomprehension, comparing extracts from The Little Prince in Catalan, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. Curious as they were, they realized that they were able to understand words and even parts of sentences in all these Romance languages.

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