New Online Catalog: UNITA Alliance Expands Experience for Students

UNITA   05 of april of 2024

New Online Catalog: The UNITA Alliance Expands the Experience for Students. Savoie Mont Blanc University, a member of the European UNITA alliance, is launching a great opportunity for students: a catalog gathering online international courses from the European UNITA alliance.

This platform presents a wide range of courses offered entirely online by the partner universities of the UNITA alliance.

The online international courses are designed to provide an international learning experience, allowing students to explore new fields of study, enhance their language skills, or prepare for physical mobility abroad. Whether in the local language or in English, these courses offer enriching cultural diversity.

Integration into the Student Curriculum

Flexibility is at the heart of this initiative. Online international courses can be integrated into the student curriculum in various ways. Whether as a substitute for an existing course or as an option to enrich their knowledge, students have the opportunity to personalize their academic path according to their interests and needs.

Virtual Mobility: A Response to the Health Crisis

In a context marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, online international courses have proven to be an innovative solution to maintain international exchanges despite travel restrictions. By combining the economic and ecological advantages of distance learning with the cultural richness of physical mobility, Savoie Mont Blanc University opens up new horizons for its students within the UNITA alliance, as well as for students worldwide through the partners of the UNITA GEMINAE network.

<<< GEMINAE Network: 30 universities - 15 countries - 5 Romance languages - 4 continents


A Promising Future for International Higher Education

The initiative of the UNITA alliance, with its catalog of online courses, marks a major step in the evolution of the internationalization of higher education. The integration of these courses into the student curriculum also contributes to the customization and flexibility of the programs, in line with the ongoing reform of studies at USMB (notably with the @spire project). This initiative is part of the ambition of USMB and UNITA to internationalize the training courses of all their students.

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