First 'staff-week' on Life-long education in UNITA

UNITA   05 of april of 2024

First "staff-week" on lifelong education in UNITA. Savoie Mont Blanc University had the honor of hosting UNITA's annual staff week on lifelong education on March 21st and 22nd.

As members of the UNITA alliance, USMB had the privilege of facilitating discussions and collaborations on key issues that will shape the development of education within the alliance.

During these two intense days, representatives from 11 participating universities focused on several strategic aspects:

· Developing initiatives to internationalize study programs and create learning opportunities.

· Transforming learning through innovative, multilingual, and personalized experiences, thereby opening new perspectives for learners from all backgrounds.

· Implementing strategies for the development of UNITA micro-certifications to empower learners and enrich their skills, contributing to their professional and personal success.

· Exploring innovative teaching methodologies that promote student engagement and success.

· Designing a UNITA inter-university digital campus, offering a seamless and continuous learning experience tailored to the evolving needs of learners.

· Establishing external advisory boards, demonstrating our commitment to involving all stakeholders in strategic decisions and ensuring the relevance and sustainability of UNITA actions.

Together, through this dynamic collaboration and exchange, we are confident in our ability to build a more inclusive, innovative, and promising learning environment for all stakeholders in the educational community.

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