The Geminae Project presented as Best Practice at the Compass Conference

UNITA   26 of april of 2024

On 24 April, UNITA participated with Alessandra Fiorio Pla and Francisco do Adro in the Compass Conference on internationalisation strategies for research and innovation for European university alliances organised by the Ulysseus alliance.


The second Compass Ulysseus Beyond Europe conference, focusing on R&I internationalisation strategies for European university alliances, provided a broad overview of the challenges faced by higher education institutions (HEIs) in developing their internationalisation strategies beyond Europe's borders.

The experts presented best practices for the promotion of partnerships outside the European Union (EU) and in particular discussed the potential of the Geminae project and intercomprehension practices, ongoing strategy, student involvement, research topics, international mobility and microcredentials.

In addition, UNITA focused on two case studies:

  1. UNITO's "Docet4Africa" capacity building project
  2. The 'UBI Capacity Building Project for mathematics teachers in Guinea Bissau'.


The recording of the video can be found on the website of Ulysseus 

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