UNITA and the European Universities for Ukraine

UNITA   27 of may of 2024

UNITA, in collaboration with its Ukrainian partner, Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University - Černivci (Ukraine), conducted an exploration of community-based initiatives. This collaboration led to the development of innovative community-based projects.

UNITA provides an overview of the major achievements and significant challenges faced during the last two years of collaboration:

  • The presence of CHNU representatives to all alliance Governance Boards meetings and the development of bilateral agreements between CHNU and all UNITA university partners.
  • A significant increase of student and staff mobility from CHNU to other UNITA university partners either for traditional Erasmus+ mobilities (studies, teaching, training) or for participation to UNITA events
  • The mobilisation of resources towards addressing urgent needs of CHNU whenever necessary
  • The creation of the UNITA Project Office at Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University on March 2024.

Such actions seek to achieve a twofold objective: ensuring the collaboration's long-term viability and jointly contributing to the development of the European higher education area.

In the report UNITA pointed out that the perspectives of enhancing support for Ukrainian universities and better integrating them in the alliances depend on decisions at European level related to Ukraine becoming an Erasmus+ programme country as well as eligibility of costs related to at least the mobility of students and staff of Ukrainian universities in the European Universities Initiative projects.

The event “Cooperation between European and Ukrainian Universities” was organised by the EPICUR alliance in collaboration with Adam Mickiewicz University under the patronage and with the participation of Ewa Kopacz, Vice-President of the European Parliament.

Fifteen rectors from Ukrainian universities met in Strasbourg on 13 March 2024 to discuss their future, explore collaborations with European alliances and universities, and share how they are striving to maintain operations during the ongoing war.

The full report on the event "European and Ukrainian Universities' Cooperation" organised by the EPICUR alliance in Strasburg, March 2024 is available at the following link: https://epicur.edu.eu/european-university-alliances-alongside-ukrainian-universities/

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