200 participants at ICTU 2024 in Timisoara: the education through UNITA is growing and international

UNITA   14 of june of 2024

On the 5th and 6th of June, Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara hosted the second edition of the Internationalization of Curricula Through UNITA 2024 matching event on education.


200 academics from all 12 partner and associated universities in the UNITA alliance, volunteers, facilitators and members of the organization team animated the second edition of Internationalization of Curricula Through UNITA hosted in Timisoara.

Following the first edition held at Universita di Torino in 2023 – allowing the creation of 3 double degree programmes and 5 BIPs among partner institutions, as well as paving the way to discussion of 3 more BIPs and 6 more double degree programmes -, the increase in participation from year to year demonstrate that within UNITA the community of academics interested in innovation in education through international collaborations is becoming more and more consolidated.

During the event teachers had the chance to familiarize themselves with the main models for internationalization of curricula within UNITA, by attending several talks about the implementation of BIPs (Blended Intensive Programmes), COILs (Collaborative Online International Learning), UCIL (UNITA Collaborative International Learning), mobilities, double and joint degrees.

Each participant was then assigned to work in a specific group, based on the study programme they are coordinating: the 28 working groups created in Timisoara had the chance to build up cooperative activities, courses, and curricula aiming at widening the international education offer available for UNITA students.

The organizing team ensured that the groups would contain as much cultural and linguistic diversity as possible.

Guest speakers from outside UNITA - Romiță Iucu and Alexandru Carțiș, from the University of Bucharest (which is part of the CIVIS European Universities alliance) – joined the event and discussed the broader picture about the policies of the European Alliances towards education.

Partcipants also joined a workshop on intercomprehension and sustainability, which are two of the pillars that UNITA is based on.

This event is not concluded: in November 2024 a follow-up event will take place in Timișoara and will involve the working groups engaged in implementing the internationalisation projects planned in June. The follow-up event will be of great significance for the final implementation of the projects.


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