UniTO hosted the UNITA Green contest for outgoing students

UNITA   14 of june of 2024

UniTO hosted on June 12th the event "Study abroad: good practices for informed and sustainable mobility" for outgoing students in Erasmus and UNITA mobilities. Students were involved in a green contest where two teams collected litter abandoned in the surroundings of the University campus, to stimulate environmentally responsible behaviour among the academic community.


170 students departing in the next few months for Erasmus and UNITA mobilities joined the event "Studiare all’estero: buone pratiche per una mobilità consapevole e sostenibile", organised at the University of Turin with the support of local Ibnstitutions such as the UNITO Green Office, AMIAT Gruppo Iren, Transiti Psicologia d'Espatrio SCS and Erasmus Student Network (ESN) of Turin.

The event was organised as a plenary meeting for outgoing students, providing information on administrative requirements for mobiltiy, a psichological guide for expats, an insight on the policies of management of waste in urban areas at national and European level.

After the information phase, a green contest was launched for students, engaged in collecting litter in the surroundings of the Campus Luigi Einaudi of UniTO: in 45 minutes 25 students divided in two teams collected 16 kilos of litter.

The event was designed in the framework of UNITA task 5.3 Green sustainability, devoted to promote the green transition of UNITA by incorporating sustainability in education and research and by stimulating environmentally responsible behaviour among the academic community.


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