UNITA : The European Adventure

UNITA   12 of february of 2021

The Université Savoie Mont Blanc (USMB), one of the six Unita universities, has just participated to the publication of a special edition of the magazine Éco Savoie Mont Blanc, completely dedicated to the European university UNITA, with the support of the MEDEF Haute-Savoie and the Conseil Savoie Mont Blanc.

This special edition is the culmination of a collective effort by all UNITA partners and associate partners. It introduces the alliance, its project, its values and the actions that will be undertaken over the next three years.

It demonstrates the territories and their representatives’ strong support for a European university under construction, and the commitment of the partners to society. It places the UNITA partners at the center of the European education space.

“Aujourd’hui il est indispensable que la connaissance dans toutes ses dimensions se propage du milieu universitaire vers le monde de l’entreprise et la société.” M. Barnier.

"Today it is essential that knowledge in all its dimensions spreads from the academic world to the business world and to society". Mr. Barnier.

Finally, this special edition is a document which intends to provide all the necessary information and resources to those who wish to contribute to this ambitious and unifying project.

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